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Nice to meet you

When people ask… “what do you do?

I reply “We’re artisan chocolatiers” they normally respond with an “OMG that must be the best job in the world”

And yes.. yes it is

Hello… We’re Vicky & Chris and our little chocolatier in the making Penny, we started the Cocoa Tree 4 years ago because we love… and I mean LOVE chocolate. We like to think that the chocolate that we make is an expression of who we are; bold, vivid, and delicious…

We believe great quality ingredients and a splash of colour is how chocolate should be made and we want to share that with you. We are in the business of making you, the customer, happy and want you to fall in love with our chocolate as much as we love it. This is the easy bit because everyone loves chocolate.

“Awhhh…They’re To Pretty To Eat”
“Trust Me
You’re Missing Out”

Vicky has to try and stop Chris from experimenting too much, because we know chocolate goes great with everything. It’s not complicated, so you wont find any Miso, Lemongrass Bon Bons here…

As a family run business, we pride ourselves on being independent and truly Artisan. We make everything by hand, from moulding and tempering the chocolate, to decorating, coming up with the recipes and even packaging. This means that every chocolate made never looks the same and for you the customer its unique to you.

Our cocoa is harvested by sustainable crops, where farmers are given a good price for their harvest, by buying our chocolate you are supporting great foundations like the Cocoa Horizons who help train farmers on growing responsibly and teach them about disease and aging soil to increase their yields and pay a premium for their work so communities thrive.

We believe paying more and giving back means that we can all enjoy the pleasure of chocolates for many many years to come.

We are not just a kitchen making fabulous chocolate, we also have a café in Chorlton where our customers say we make the best Mocha in the Manchester. The café is like our second home, open for everyone to enjoy, relax and be a part of the Cocoa Tree family.

So you are more than welcome to pop on over…

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Sustainable Crops

Investing in cocoa farming families is crucial to our business’ success.
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Recycled Packaging

Our commitment to environmental protection has led us to develop sustainable packaging solutions.

Best Quality Cocoa

We are committed to paying more and giving back will ensure that chocolate will remain a pleasure for a long time to come.



which means a whole lot of Love goes into everything that we make.


Nice to meet you

Chris Walker


Age: 36
Experience: 7 years
Specialization: Designer

“I love food & I love making Art, what better job to have then making beautiful chocolate.

Watching peoples faces when they open up a box for the first time, never gets old & the day I realised I could use a paint brush on chocolate, I’ve never looked back”.

Vicky Walker


Age: 33
Experience: 7 years
Specialization: Developer

“I’m a bit busy right now”.